Great Quote From a Great Movie

"I wanna be with her more, I wanna be with her all the time, and I wanna tell her things I don't even tell you or mum. And I don't want her to have another boyfriend. I suppose if I could have all those things, I wouldn't really mind if I touched her or not."
-About a Boy

Not my typical kind of movie but I actually really enjoyed this one. I recommend it!

Man's Most Versatile Friend

As I love music, it tends to be a topic I often blog about. I've talked before on its benefits and on the importance of respecting others' music choices. There's one particular benefit, though, that I've only recently thought about. Artists often get some of their best inspiration from personal experience, from the emotions they feel immediately after an event. They translate these experiences into melodious stories, beautiful sagas of which many can relate. This, right here, is the magic of this music: the extent to which we can associate with these artists, sense their concerns, feel their emotions all through the strumming of a guitar. When we, too, feel as these artists feel, these songs help us realize that we are not alone in the experiences we go through. To listen to Eric Clapton's "Tears in Heaven" and to know that others have endured the loss of a loved one before as we are going through that very experience gives us a sense of belonging, of serenity, of relief. 

It's easy to focus on how our problems our distinct, how it seems that the world is caving in on us and we're an army of one in a battle that can't be won. Any alleviation of this suffocating feeling can make a world of difference. And so music steps in and plays the simplest yet most unpredictably extraordinary of roles. Whether you quietly play Keith Urban on your headphones when you're trying to "sweep out all the ruins that my emotions left" or you crank Foo Fighters on your stereo to help you realize "its times like these you learn to love again," music is a friend that will always have your back and know how you feel. Songs are amazing gifts bestowed upon us by the artists of this world. Cherish them.